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The Reds

I have a weird love and hate relationship with the colour red – I love it on my nails and lips but when it comes to clothes I am not that fond of it. To be honest I only have two red items in my closet  that I truly like –  the red brocade blazer and a pair of strappy sandals. I got the blazer years ago from a friend who wanted to give it up for “adoption” and I was thrilled to have it. I love the fabric, the ornament on it and the wonderful combination of red and gold.

The shoes are vintage from Japan – a precious gift from my grandmother. On some days a pair of red heels is essential to spice up the casual blue-jeans-white-top-combination  or give an extra value to your black tux.

I (almost) never leave the house without my red lipstick. But not just any lipstick works, you know. I’ve tried a lot of brands and found one that’s just perfect –  the Make Up Store’s matte range. It does not bleed or wear off and the shades are really intense. My favourites at the moment are crismon and china red. Giving that the majority of my clothes are black, white or gray, a red lip is usually just what I need to pull a look together.


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