“I’m dreaming of a White…”

Well, not Christmas, yet – there is plenty of time for that. But I am in the mood for white and I felt like I could use some “unconventional” white. And maybe it is because of the fact that there’s not so much snow in Estonia as you would expect by this time of the year. Usually by mid December, only the bravest and strongest can make their way out from the iglus : )

But enought about the weather (yes, we are quite like Brits – black humour & weather disgussions are, by far, our favourite) and let’s cut to the chase. White nailpolish was a huge trend during summer but somehow I wasn’t that into it then. Nevertheless – this weekend I had a small obsession over it and just had to try it out. And if you ask me – I like it more now when it matches my white angora scarf and the snowflakes. I guess I have found my new favourite besides the ever-so-classic black and red.



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