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All that’s new

Yes, it’s a new year with all the new resolutions and other “let’s-do-it-differently-this-year”-stuff, that goes together with the beginning of the year. And it really has been a brand new start for me – the times have been hectic, busy and extremely exciting. Starting from this year, I am living in a new city, in a new home and working on a new position in a new company. First of all – cheers to Tallinn, I’ve already fallen head over heels for you!




And now that I have had a bit of time to settle in, I can again share some visual eye-candy, cool fashion-finds and style inspiration with you. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming up soon – to kickstart this amazing year, I have planned a small series of articles about inspirational personas for you, so stay tuned.

By the way – can you guess where in Tallinn you’ll find this awesome J.Pollock artwork-lookalike floor? That’s actually a hint of what I’m writing about next time. Untill then – have a glass of red wine, crawl under a blanket, read a chapter (or two) of that good book and let the night carry you to the magical world of sweet dreams.




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