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Buckle up

No dancing fever this Saturday evening- spent it at home accompanied by a nice radio programme and some cider. In addition to tidying up my wardrobe (spring is not that far away, you know) I also organised my belt-drawer and realized how many cool buckles I’ve got my hands on over the years. Most of them are from flea-markets and thrift-stores. Well – actually all of them except the Montana one that I got from my mom some years ago. Using a shoe-box to store them can actually work quite well – I used a belt-hanger before but it’s too much fuzz getting the one you want under all the rest.

Leather and a statement metal buckle does it for me when it comes to belts. The one with a bull’s skull is by far my favorite but you just can’t help but to feel a bit more happier when you place that sunny Diesel one over your waist on a dress and head out. A nice belt really can lift up an otherwise dull outfit.





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