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Brown and Beige with Antlers.

I adore neutrals. They are subtle, mysterious and calm but strong and confident at the same time. Most of my wardrobe consists of BLACK, white, shades of gray, navy and brown/beige. I don’t mind bright colours, just prefer them on someone else. I like the allure of neutrals and there’s always a shade amongst them that fits my mood.

So – I know it’s summer. Kind of. To be honest – I have only bought three pieces this season that can qualify as summer-pieces. A pair of Birkenstocks from a thrift store, black bikinis and a black maxi dress. The summers here require more sweaters and raincoats than silk dresses and fedoras. I don’t mind though, since my favourite season is fall anyways. So I always stock up on good fall pieces.

Been tousling around flea markets and thrift stores lately and found some amazing pieces. First – a thick brown leather bag which I’ve been in search of for too long! It’s functional, good size (fits my ipad, chargers, and my moleskine) and the leather is just gorgeous. The antler I got from an antique store today (I like their shape) and the scarf is from Liberty London, got it last year when visiting that magnificent city.



And (this one made my week!) – I have a new woolen coat. I have more coats than dresses soon. But why not, call me a coat-person. This one is just jackpot – a vintage woolen Marimekko. Virgin wool, nice fit, length, collar and lapel. I love the combination of beige and black and been looking for a warm beige coat for a long time. Hail to thrift stores, once again! We’ll never grow apart as long as you hold gems like these on your racks.




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