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“But this is ANOTHER shade of gray. Right?…

…Well, it is because I decided so. And it’s another cut. Sort of. It has a different collar and pockets”  – this is the kind of an inner-conversation I usually have when I spot a cool coat in a thrift store or a second-hand shop. Because, as you know, I adore coats and probably (read “definitely” ) have more than is essential. But you know, this is a different shade of gray!

I like oversized. A lot. And since it’s actually a men’s coat, it’s oversized all right. The dark gray hue is one of my all time favourite colours and the otherwise masculine cut is softened by a simple convertible collar and big square pockets which resemble a parka’s pockets and make the overall look a bit more sporty. Gotta love pockets, they are so convenient!

And I like details. One of the reasons I fell in love with this garment are the nice small buttoned details on each side near the lower hemline.

Rolled up the sleeves again because they were  too long for me, as usual. Don’t mind it though, gives a nice casual touch to the outfit. I’m ready for fall. And winter. And the cold winds of spring so bring it on, Nordic weather!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



2 thoughts on ““But this is ANOTHER shade of gray. Right?…

  1. Lappasin terve blogi läbi…no uskumatu, milliseid lahedaid asju Sa second hand´idest oled välja kaevanud! Mõni kohe oskab. Kui väga ma ei pingutaks, leian sealt vaid väljaveninud maikasid ja rohuplekkidega dressipükse. 😀 Nii hea meel, et siia blogisse sattusin, mõnus lugemine ja super pildid. 🙂

    • janekukk says:

      Suured tänud heade sõnade eest, Pille-Riin! Tore, kui suudan kasvõi pisukest inspiratsiooni või sekkari-indu jagada, hea sõna utsitab ka rohkem jagama ja kirjutama 🙂

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