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Benvenuti in Italia!

It’s been a while since I last took the time to gather my thoughts and put something down here. The irony being that instead of a lack of subjects to write about, there’s probably been too much going on so I’ve just been lazy in blogging and more busy #instagramming my adventures away. But I’m trying to fix it now and gradually add more bits and pieces of my adventures and experiences here for you to read about, although Instagram is and will be my favourite visual social media platform so if you wish to keep an eye on the everyday life here in the sunny side of Europe, come join me @janekukk.

So, long story cut short, I am now waking up under the Tuscan sun. Or to be more precise, at the foot of the Alps and under the warm sun of Friuli Venezia Giulia. And yes, Venice is close by and it IS a dream!

This spring was all about planning the move from Tallinn, Estonia to here and, well, getting rid of my stuff. Let’s just say that at the end of the day, I was very pleased I lived in a small studio appartment in Tallinn so I couldn’t collect that much clutter around me. A large portion of my wardrobe found new owners or a new home in second hand stores and the other stuff I couldn’t really take with me was distributed around to friends and family to whom I owe big thanks for helping me out a lot! I will miss hanging out with you all in Kalamaja and having those beers in the Old Town. Thankfully Italy is not as far as, say Australia, so I’ll be taking a raincheck on those drinks.

By the end of June, I was ready to go. That last month in Tallinn passed living in an already half–empty appartment, running from work to offices around town to finish any unfinished business and eating sandwiches and salads because they didn’t require any pots, pans or mortar and pestle to prepare. It was starting to get warm by that time (yes, I know – it was June and I was still wearing my woolen coat) so I spent most of my evenings out meeting up with friends and most of the weekends away from the capital, visiting my family or taking on some last–minute freelance styling gigs. Nighttime was reserved for some sleep and packing. And by packing I mean spring cleanout like I’ve never done before – I think getting rid of all the junk and those boxes and drawers full of “sentimental value” was one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done. We collect a lot of material things around ourselves and for some reason tend to give it more meaning and value than real life, real adventures and experiences. I personally felt, by that time, that all this stuff I owned was weighing me down, keeping me from taking on some real, new challenges rather than dwelling on the past and being too tied down to dare take a step forward. Or maybe I had just reached a time in my life when I really couldn’t handle clutter around me.

I do miss my books though, a lot. So now when I visited Estonia at the end of September, I just dragged books back in a suitcase and, well bought new ones from Frankfurt airport during my four hour layover (love their little book store there with piles and piles of paperbacks!). I really do dislike baggage weight restrictions, I do. And why do they make the books so heavy nowadays, huh?

But here I am now, since July’15. With my 11 books, 2 suitcases of clothes, a couple of Italian Vogues, 4 sketchbooks, a set of pencils and brushes, big bottle of Indian ink and box of Russian watercolours. Enjoying La Dolce Vita with my three precious companions from the west – two American Staffordshire Terriers and one charming American with no tail or floppy–pointy ears. The weather is warm, the food is delicious, Italy is as amazing as ever and the company is exquisite. So, benvenuti, I’ll keep you posted. But now, since it’s raining outside, I’ll go make myself a new cup of coffee and indulge in some old movies. “Roman Holiday” for the fifteenth time?

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of our weekend in Verona. Full-length cover on this magnificent trip coming up soon, stay tuned and have a happy Tuesday!







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