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A Weekend in Verona vol. 1

Hi Verona, hey you, pretty Lady! We got to this enchanted city on a Friday afternoon. Took the train from Sacile to Venice and changed the train there to get to Verona. Both trips were around an hour so we got there in the early afternoon and I was pleased to catch up with my reading on the train.

Before checking into the hotel, we made a quick pit stop at a small corner café for a Spritz. The weather was lovely for the whole weekend trip and, growing up in Estonia, I really do appreciate a warm October! What could be more enjoyable than sitting outside on a sunny autumn day, sipping on a drink, chatting and watching people pass by? In my world that’s called “pretty darn perfect!”.

We stayed at the Cinque Hotel on piazzetta Portichetti. It’s located very close to the centre, took us roughly 10 minutes to walk along the riverbank of Adige to Castelvecchio – the red-brick castle with a matching bridge that served as a military defense unit during the Middle Ages.



Cinque was a pure bliss with its warm welcome, beautiful decor, comfortable setting and (most importantly!) delicious breakfasts in bed! It really was a pleasure to have such a cute little nest in the middle of Verona to come to and rest after the long walks around the city.

After checking in we decided to take a small walk around the neighborhood and maybe check out some sights. That’s how we accidentally ended up at Casa di Giulietta, the wall of love letters and her famous balcony looking over the courtyard of what now is a horde of tourists with a soft spot for romance. It was actually better to see the sight in the evening rather than during the day, like we did the next day, when it was so crowded you could hardly make your way through the masses to reach the door of the museum.

From Juliet’s house, we accidentally found our way to the Arena, it started to get dark outside and we were getting hungry so we headed back to the hotel, changed and stepped out again to find a nice restaurant for dining. Whilist strolling aimlessly on the Vicolas, Vias, Viales and Corsos of Verona, we found ourselves reading a menu of what seemed to be a tiny cute back-alley café. As we were checking the courses out, a lady came out and invited us in. We were escorted through a narrow corridor into a lovely patio with adorable little tables, lights and a very cosy on-the-street restaurant atmosphere. That’s one of the things I absolutely adore about Italy and Italians – they just set up their chairs, tables, candles and wine decanters on the tiny alleyway, sit down, relax, chat in a charmingly loud and cheerful manner and enjoy the night. The food at Ristorante Osteria Casa Vino was delicious, the service delightfully welcoming and the evening warm and chilly at the same time, creating a magically fresh and lively backdrop for a perfect night out. It’s that time when the night has a spark in its eyes!



After a nightcap at a nearby café, we called it a night and headed back to our lovely hotel. The first day in Verona had been absolutely wondrous – we didn’t have any plans or sightseeing routes carved in stone so we spent the day just wandering around and taking in the magnificent surroundings. The next day was reserved for trips to the museums (Yay! Art! Old stuff!), a long walk around the city and some delicious food&drink experiences. I’ll be sure to give you a summary of day two soon enough. See you at ‘A Weekend in Verona Vol. 2’!




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