Fashion and Inspiration

Stone Roses and Wooden Berries.

It’s fall, now I can truly feel it, smell it, sense it in the way the sunshine turned so harsh, blinding even and cruel. It seems to want to allure you to sit and rest for a while, indulge in the warmth, only to take you off guard and disappear, leaving the stage empty for a second to announce the coldness that’s creeping closer from behind the first corner. It’s like a siren, this sun of autumn.

The edges of the small roads are paved with crisp fallen leaves, tree cones that look like dry stone roses, wooden berries like hazelnuts and walnuts that crack under your feet or roll down the curve of the path when you accidentally hit it too hard with the nose of your shoe. My autumn staples – oxblood brogues, the dark navy woolen Ralph Lauren blazer and Xenia Joost’s silk Charlie Chaplin print scarf have been unpacked, ready to tango.

The gorgeous white hydrangea I used to pass during my running route this summer had dried out but its pretty brown remains serve as a proper autumnal boutonnière. Scent of the day is Diptyque’s “Essence of John Galliano” – originally an interior perfume but I couldn’t care less. Its smoky, woody and a bit harsh, a bit masochistic attitude is too amazingly magnificent not to spray on myself. It paints the perfect portrait of an autumnal mood in my head.

I love this time of the year, it’s as simple as that. The beauty of decay makes my heart beat faster.




Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset








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