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Italian summer #1 Gemona, Venzone 

Annika was here for a week, one of my oldest and best friends and her time here was so amazing for both of us, spent walking around, taking trains to beautiful cities and having a spritz here, a plate of pasta al pomodoro there that I want to make a memory last by writing a little something here. Since we really managed to see a lot in that short week and there’s a huge pile of pictures in both of our phones (storage full – delete, delete, back up – you know the drill), I’m making three continuous posts on our travels in Northern Italy during this fabulously hot and amazing August. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to post anything but hopefully that’ll change now. And oh, hey, I had a baby four months ago ;)!

So here comes the first one – let me introduce you to Gemona and Venzone. Both so gorgeous! The scenery with the Dolomites towering above the pretty little olive-green and pale pink townhouses is truly breathtaking. Venzone is known for its cute lilac lavender shops and the whole town smells like heaven! And of course we splurged a little in one of the shops, probably spent an hour selecting soaps and little scented bags for drawers, smelling essences, perfumed water and bath bombs. These shops smell so amazing that the time spent there felt like being in a nice little trans of tranquility. And well, the whole town of Venzone smells like a magical lavender-land! Add the magnificent scenery and medieval architecture and you’ve got yourself a winner. It was my first time in Venzone too and I have to say, Gemona and Venzone are true gems of northeastern Italy! 

PS! Thank you Michele and Davide for driving us around and taking us to train stations!

/all photos by me and Annika, snapped and shot with our phones.


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