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Italian summer #3 Home and Away

Summer. It has a something, something special about itself. Everybody always waits for it to arrive, everybody’s a bit sorrowful when it has to go. And I’ve always been that way too, I can’t wait for summer to get here already after a long cold winter and when the days are starting to cool off I feel a bit sad, a bit nostalgic. You know the feeling. But not too sad because my favourite season is and always will be autumn. But about that later. Summer, guys, summer. This summer has been unreal.

But. Yes, there’s a but. As you might have figured out by now, I don’t bother to take time and write about something if there isn’t a “but” hidden somewhere, a special effect or a remarkable nuance. This summer is different. And this fall is going to be oh so very different too!

We’ve spent a big part of this summer alone with Robin, our precious, almost 5 months old princess. My significant other had to be away from home for 6 weeks that, believe me,  felt like the longest 6 weeks of my life. Especially when you’re alone in a big house with two big fur-balls and a not-yet-so-big baby. We managed, I’m pretty freakin’ proud of myself but that’s another story. The story I want to write about and the story that matters is the tale of having a very special person close to you when you need her the most.

Try to imagine how good it feels to actually talk to your best friend in your native language for real (read: not via Skype) when you’ve spent most of the month speaking to two dogs and a baby, in both Estonian and English but let’s face it, without getting that many words out of any of those conversation partners. It’s weird and it’s beautiful what expressing yourself in your true, native language can mean, what emotions it can trigger when you’ve been lacking that close connection and what it means to have someone close by to reflect that communication, talk back, so to speak. Being Estonian, living in Italy and being married to an American, every day, if even for a second or two, I feel disconnected or misunderstood. And it’s not a complaint, I love that side of my story, I love the challenge of trying to communicate effortlessly and clearly with my American husband, my Estonian family and friends, my Italian friends and my soon-to-be-multi-languaged-kid.

But when my Estonian-Annika came over, talked, laughed, cooked, giggled, wandered and travelled around with us, thought and sat in silence, you know what, it was different and it was special, that feeling that there’s no barrier, no wall between us. Even when we had to tackle some problems or find solutions to our traveling and exploring issues, it was so FREAKIN’ easy and effortless to communicate and figure out the best way to do something because we speak the same language! I mean, literally. I think before today I have never really understood or appreciated it so much. It hit me this summer, that’s been full of brand new challenges, brand new experiences, insights and discoveries on a brand new level. Thank you, Annika. Aitäh, oled mulle väga kallis! ❤

What’s ahead? My mom’s coming here in a couple of days and we can have one last Italian summer adventure before we head to (drum-roll) THE United States of America for the first chapter of autumn. A condo, a wedding to attend to, a big happy family gathering in Holden Beach will be our extended summer destination. And I’ll be sure to take plenty of notice and pictures when we make our way from D.C. to North Carolina. I love each and every one of you that keep an eye on these stories and our adventures. Cin cin, enjoy the happy days of summer that glisten in that calendar of yours!

To illustrate this story about our summer home and away, I am sharing some pictures taken right here, at home. And away, in a cafe, on a street or a pathway in Aviano or a bit further away around Lake Barcis. These glistening days of summer have been something else! 


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