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Stills in Black and White

It’s peculiar how at certain points in my being, I reach for more and more colourless-ness. It has a weird effect on me, colour that is, colourfulness. I just feel it robs the view, the substance of something important. Maybe its stillness. Colour makes everything lively. “To lead a colourful life…” and all that. But what if  sometimes it’s just distracting the mind, the eye and the understanding of your surroundings? At art college in Colour Theory class the teacher banned us from using a b&w filter when photographing a colour circle because seeing it in black and white shows us the tonality of the circle, hence revealing if it is made properly or not. It was a way to cheat and get it right.

Oh yes I did cheat cause I didn’t care much about those 50 shades of yellows. Even now, I love the tuned down palette with maybe an occational accent here or there. A red lip, a green eye, a blue strip of sky. But black and white strips, literally. It draws out the textures, emphasizes the changes in tones, highlights and shadows, revealing the beauty in the flaws. The joy in sorrow, the warmth in abandonment and the stillness in life. The eye can find what it is searching for. 

All pictures taken in Aviano, Italy.


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