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“These are a few of my favourite things…”

I remeber my first visit to Liberty London. And what I remember best about is not the wonderful things cluttered all around the space but the space itself, the atmosphere created. It was and still is one of my most cherished places in the world, a magical wonderland with squeaky stairs where I wanted to hide behing the ginormous rolls of Turkish carpets and live there forever.

And then there was the first trip to Venice. And well, Venice has a lot of pretty “things” scattered around the floating city! But for me it was the distinct smell of the salty hot air of the laguna that painted a picture of a shabby chic fairy tale into my memories. It was the first time I saw real palm trees and I remeber wanting to jump and clap, like a little girl! The sun was so bright and warm, I’d never felt anything like it.

You know that famous saying “Collect memories not things”, right? It has always come across as a little bit too patronizing or idealistic to me. I mean. Yes, memories are great but it’s even greater if you have someting to trigger and awaken these memories even when time passes and memories tend to fade. 

It’s apricot season. And up until this point I’d never tasted or smelled a fresh apricot. And the smell is intoxicating! It’s the smell of sun-drenched summer and true joie de vivre! And I want to remember this, really remember the feeling of smelling apricots on a hot summer day in Italy!

We need some “things”. We need people, our people around us to create memories with. And we need that warm fuzzy feeling we get inside when we think about that trip to Florence, Paris or London. We need it for happiness and the ability to carry these emotions and memories within us is, for me, the key to happiness. I’ll always have them, I’ll forever cherish them. These “things” – it can be a post card, a dried straw of lavender between a book, a scar you got when you went to wander on the cliffs. 

This is a picture taken today, on Middsummer’s Eve – a composition with apricots. What an amazing “thing” it is to have a photo of something that reminds you of sweet, sweet life. It’s like a proof that it really happened at a time you want to pinch yourself and ask “was it a dream?”. And I hate having useless things laying around the house and I try to live by Madam Westwood’s famous words: “Buy less, choose well, make it last”. But then there are these things, these little loved ones.

I collected some of them, let me introduce you to my favourite cotton scarf from Libery London (2013), sunglasses I got after returning from Venice with a headache caused by the intense sunshine (2011), a beach blanket from a trip to Jesolo (2016), a plate from Aviano vintage market (2017), my grandfather’s old camera that still shoots film (1970s-80s?), a broken strawhat from the local farmers market that made it to America and back (2016) and these   apricots from yesterday. 

“Cherish the love we have

 We should cherish the life we live”


“When the dog bites,

When the bee stings

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favourite things

And then I don’t feel so bad” 

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Olives in January

Tuesdays are market days here in Aviano. When I lived in Kalamaja in Tallinn, the marketplace was just across the street from my home. Behind the tram stop, where all the squeaky wormlike machines paused and picked you up or dropped you off, lied the maze of Baltic Station Marketplace or “Balta turg” as the locals called it. Every once in a while, when I got myself out of the bed before noon on a day off, I’d go and get myself a bag of potatoes, a bundle of spinach and a good fatty piece of smoked salmon. A big part of the thrill was to go through the second-hand clothes boxes and racks in the hopes to find something old and nifty! And to get to practice some Russian and mingle with the cheerful salesmen.

Now, strolling the streets more than 2000 km away, in Italy, some things have changed and some have stayed the same. Firstly, I still love going to the marketplace but instead of Russian I get to practice Italian and instead of -20 C we only had one degree of frosty temperatures this morning. The sunshine does not seem to care that it’s January, shining every so bright and warm. But the faces at the market are as cheerful and the baskets and boxes of second-hand goods are at least as thrilling to dig into!

Last Tuesday I got my hands on this vintage Italian army coat made in the Cangioli woollen mill. There were still paper tags sewn on the lining, indicating the gorgeous olive-hued coat with golden buttons had not even been worn. I was a bit worried at first that the size is way too big (although I do love mens’ clothes and oversized styles), especially the shoulders since the woolen fabric on this one is very firm and heavy, making all the folds and cuts stand out prominently. But after rolling up the sleeves (which seems to be something I tend to do with all of my coats and blazers), leaving the buttons undone and adding a big warm scarf and a beige turtle-neck sweater to the ensemble, it all seemed to work together as a team quite well. Plus, after the first 15 minutes outside, I was indeed very glad my bottom (and the 30 weeks baby bump!) was being kept warm since the -1 C felt freezing! (Sorry, estonians! I know you’re laughing at this right now!)

So going back to the market today, the salesman was already smiling from far when he saw me approach the second-hand “treasure boxes”. And instead of him complimenting me on my coat, I should have complimented him on his kindness for selling this beauty to me for 2€! But, you see, I do need to go to the market more, just to practice my Italian more, to be able to compliment all the Italians for their cheerful nature and wide, warm smiles. Even on a chilly January morning, the lips of the ladies have been painted ruby-red, exclaiming greetings and salutations to the left and to the right, the sun is glistening back from their vintage Gucci sunnies and the coats, the grass and shiny leaves on trees are so pretty and olive green!

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“But this is ANOTHER shade of gray. Right?…

…Well, it is because I decided so. And it’s another cut. Sort of. It has a different collar and pockets”  – this is the kind of an inner-conversation I usually have when I spot a cool coat in a thrift store or a second-hand shop. Because, as you know, I adore coats and probably (read “definitely” ) have more than is essential. But you know, this is a different shade of gray!

I like oversized. A lot. And since it’s actually a men’s coat, it’s oversized all right. The dark gray hue is one of my all time favourite colours and the otherwise masculine cut is softened by a simple convertible collar and big square pockets which resemble a parka’s pockets and make the overall look a bit more sporty. Gotta love pockets, they are so convenient!

And I like details. One of the reasons I fell in love with this garment are the nice small buttoned details on each side near the lower hemline.

Rolled up the sleeves again because they were  too long for me, as usual. Don’t mind it though, gives a nice casual touch to the outfit. I’m ready for fall. And winter. And the cold winds of spring so bring it on, Nordic weather!

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Brown and Beige with Antlers.

I adore neutrals. They are subtle, mysterious and calm but strong and confident at the same time. Most of my wardrobe consists of BLACK, white, shades of gray, navy and brown/beige. I don’t mind bright colours, just prefer them on someone else. I like the allure of neutrals and there’s always a shade amongst them that fits my mood.

So – I know it’s summer. Kind of. To be honest – I have only bought three pieces this season that can qualify as summer-pieces. A pair of Birkenstocks from a thrift store, black bikinis and a black maxi dress. The summers here require more sweaters and raincoats than silk dresses and fedoras. I don’t mind though, since my favourite season is fall anyways. So I always stock up on good fall pieces.

Been tousling around flea markets and thrift stores lately and found some amazing pieces. First – a thick brown leather bag which I’ve been in search of for too long! It’s functional, good size (fits my ipad, chargers, and my moleskine) and the leather is just gorgeous. The antler I got from an antique store today (I like their shape) and the scarf is from Liberty London, got it last year when visiting that magnificent city.



And (this one made my week!) – I have a new woolen coat. I have more coats than dresses soon. But why not, call me a coat-person. This one is just jackpot – a vintage woolen Marimekko. Virgin wool, nice fit, length, collar and lapel. I love the combination of beige and black and been looking for a warm beige coat for a long time. Hail to thrift stores, once again! We’ll never grow apart as long as you hold gems like these on your racks.



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Paris Magnifique : à la mode

I really do not know, how I’ve managed to live for quite a long time without visiting Paris – it’s amazing! And by amazing I mean AMAZING(!) ! During the weekend in Paris, which was totally out of the blue and unplanned (but hey – who needs to plan the visit to the city of lights anyways, you just go for it, right?), I accidentally stumbled across avenue Montaigne, which was packed with amazing window displays. And when this street can probably be taken as a gate to hell fo a credit-card, I just think it’s an amazing source of beauty and inspiration for the visual junkie. I literally couldn’t believe my luck because we really were just wondering around without any glue of where we’re going to end up. But I guess sometimes life just knows, where my feet should take me next. Thank you, faith, for leading me to Paris. There’s just one little problem – I think I accidentally left my heart there. Can you please return it or should I come and pick it up myself? I thought so, I’ll be back, mon chéri!



















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Buckle up

No dancing fever this Saturday evening- spent it at home accompanied by a nice radio programme and some cider. In addition to tidying up my wardrobe (spring is not that far away, you know) I also organised my belt-drawer and realized how many cool buckles I’ve got my hands on over the years. Most of them are from flea-markets and thrift-stores. Well – actually all of them except the Montana one that I got from my mom some years ago. Using a shoe-box to store them can actually work quite well – I used a belt-hanger before but it’s too much fuzz getting the one you want under all the rest.

Leather and a statement metal buckle does it for me when it comes to belts. The one with a bull’s skull is by far my favorite but you just can’t help but to feel a bit more happier when you place that sunny Diesel one over your waist on a dress and head out. A nice belt really can lift up an otherwise dull outfit.




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Shoe of the day

Finally got myself a pair of New Balance 410’s  and I have to say they are just unbelievably comfortable. And yes, sneakers can add a cool modern twist to an otherwise not-so-sporty look – for me it’s all about mixing and playing around with different styles. The other day I paired them with a black oversized sweater, a coat and a pair of ruby-red lips but the options are endless, really. A pair of skinnies and a light-wash denim shirt? Or a gray boyfriend-cut blazer and  white t-shirt? Why not dress down the little black dress with a pair of Supra’s high tops or New Balance’s 410s.

I liked the colour combination of red, turquoise and b&w but they come in all kind of different retro-style colours. Though I love my blacks, I also adore a good pop of colour every now and then and well – colourful shoes are just so much fun.

Made from 100% recycled materials – that’s just added bonus and will guarantee a good review from me. Tested them out this weekend and you really can pull a dancing all-nighter in these. Hail to comfort and not styling it safe!


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