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US and A. We in America.

We have this cool little family with this cute little story – an American boy met and Estonian girl and now they live in Italy with this cute little baby. And whenever they can, they go wherever they can. They love traveling, who wouldn’t, right? Well sometimes they do more going than writing about it all. That’s how our fall has been. But the big trip this time was the transatlantic one in September, the itinerary reading Venezia – Paris -Washington, D.C. – Holden Beach, NC – Marietta, OH.

We took off from Venice on the 13th September. BABY ON BOARD! Robin can totally brag to her friends in the future that she got her first two teeth on a plane from Paris to D.C. Beat that! Considering all, she did really amazing, the flight was long and at the end of the day, she was just a 5 month old, pushing out her first two teeth on a plane above the ocean with virtually no crying. I applaud to that girl, she’s my hero!

We rented a car from Washington D.C. and drove for a little bit, reaching Stafford Virginia and then called it a night. We were exhausted beyond exhaustion. The jet-lag hit us pretty bad and Robin HATED the rental car-seat so most of the way from D.C. to Stafford she just screamed bloody murder. Enough was enough, we were very tired and the traffic was awful so we just wined and dined (read: ate burgers and fries at Wendy’s and had a beer at Buffalo Mo’s Tap and Grill :D) and  collapsed on the bed.

So, our plan was to pop by Goldsboro North Carolina, to say hi to our friends and welcome their new baby-girl to this world and reach Myrtle Beach by Thursday to pick up Anthony’s brother from the airport and head to Holden Beach afterwards. Anthony’s parents were already at the beach-house and we arrived there on the 15th September. Everybody kept asking me what I thought of America so far. I think my only answer for a couple of days was “Everything’s like from the movies”. And no, it’s not just bigger and better. It’s HUGE. That whole country is just massive. Thinking back now, what did I like? The waffles, the pancakes, the pies and all the breakfast-food restaurants! And, oh my goodness, corn-dogs are soooooo goood! What sucks? American coffee sucks. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. I missed my dark, black, aromatic, 0h-so-amazing Italian coffee so much that it got very, very frustrating, being on the road trying to track down a Starbucks to get that over-priced coffee with shots of espresso. Cause it was the only thing that came remotely close to decent coffee. I gave up having coffee for breakfast at the inns we were staying in or, well, anywhere for that matter cause once I had taken a sip I just had to dump it out. Italy has spoiled me and I’m happy it has. Now I get it why Italians call American coffee mud-water. That is so true that it hurts!

Our beach-house was just so adorable! With a view that was like…. “from the movies!” Yes, it really was magical, the whole beach-experience. And the wedding! Bride and groom looking so cute and pretty, the ambiance truly fairytale-like. The weather was hot, sun shining, waves singing and seashells sunbathing on the shore. A picture perfect holiday!

We stayed at the beach for about a week and then headed towards Anthony’s hometown in Ohio. Driving through Virginia and West Virginia, we made the trip in one day, with the help of a car-seat head-support that we got for Robin. She seemed to appreciate the effort and would give our ears some quiet-time. Thank heavens for Walmart :D.

Ohio was so beautiful with its forests, nature trails, big-eyed Bambi deer and scenic landscape. If you ever happen to look for an amazing place to stay in Ohio, we recommend Harvest Moon Cottages in Hocking Hills. Anthony’s sister Anita and her husband Kevin have created a truly magical place to enjoy all the wilderness and romantic scenery with your friends or family. We stayed in their little Chateau and spent the evening cooking, sipping wine and relaxing by the fireplace. Oh, and playing their “Find a Dollar” game which was so much fun!

The temperatures were still very hot so we mostly stayed in the shade during the day and sat outside in the evenings, chatting with Anthony’s family and enjoying home-cooked food, the exceptionally warm evenings and good company. And after two weeks of us and America, we headed back home. America is big and breathtaking, overwhelming and surreal at times. Our last evening there we spent in Washington, D.C, walking around the city that holds so much history and power. It was magical and there was a lot of everything to see, to feel, to take in.

But I was happy to come back home, sleep and drink coffee. And eat food that wasn’t deep-fried (cause yeah, in the South, y’all get everything deep-fried!). It was such a wonderful trip but I missed my Italy.

And being back now, we are taking it all in. In October, we went back to Verona, repeated our romantic October getaway, ate cake in bed and drank red wine on the balcony, overlooking the streets of Città di Romeo e Giulietta. This weekend we’re heading down to Florence and for Thanksgiving, our little family will hop on a plane and go explore the marvelous city of Dubrovnik. And Estonia will get us for Christmas. Because they have snow, for now at least. So you better keep your s*@! together, Ilmataat (our so-to-say Weather God) and don’t f this up! Jokes aside, I’m super excited about seeing my family and introducing my little homeland to Robin. The land of blue skies, black fields and white snow. ♥